Country Vacation Bandipur Is One Of The Exotic Places

It gets very monotonous and tedious to follow the same routine. One always looks forward to get some solace and peace in life. Country Vacation Bandipur is one of the exotic places you can visit for scenic beauty. In addition to this, Country Vacation Bandipur will give you a chance to come across people with loads of warmth and positive energy.

Country Vacation Bandipur is located in the southern part of Karnataka. It is referred as one of the oldest sanctuaries in India. Country Vacation Bandipur is known as a terrific vacation spot that can help you unwind the pressure of work. Being with nature can make you feel relaxed. It was made by the Maharaja of Mysore in 1931. Country Vacation Bandipur is spread over 800 sq meters. The name was given by the Government in 1973 after it took over the park.

Country Vacation Bandipur is a link between Wayanad wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary in Tamilnadu. You will fall in love with it the moment you start travelling its long stretch. You will also get to see three beautiful rivers namely Moyar River; Kabini River and Nahur River.
Bandipur Country vacation is 3 kilometres from Bandipur check post and the Airport is also quite nearby. Bandipur country vacation will let you go through a unique experience of exemplary hospitality.

Country vacation will have facilities like furnished cottages, safari, roller blading, library, conference hall. You also have the option to take the Country Vacation membership online by visiting Country Vacations website. Bandipur Country Vacation has also pacts with various sectors pertaining to service industry like Banks, Airlines, Travel and Software.

This would enhance the experience for our special members. Banks that have partnership with us offer 0% interest free instalments varying from 6 months to 36 months for Country Vacation membership. At Bandipur Country Vacation, we always strive to give an experience that has been felt by the members.

Bandipur County vacation has ample of amusing features that can give you and your family a rich experience that is filled with enjoyment and thrill. It can also help you in getting rid of tensions of city life.
Bandipur Country vacation gives you chance to visit tribal villages and to interact with the villagers, to know their culture. It is altogether a mind opening experience. The innocent and lovely villagers will recite their traditional stories to tourists. Village culture and its music is really memorable.If you love exploring the jungle, like Bird Watching, love adventure than you must give this Country vacation Bandipur one try.

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