Its That Time Again – Staying In Touch Over The Holiday Seasons

It is that time of year again, where families gather for celebration around dining tables and fireplaces. A time for travel, cheer, parties, and traditions. Yes, Christmas and New Years are right around the corner. Each family has there own way of celebrating. Some are enjoying the snow, maybe skiing down the slopes. Others will find themselves in warmer climates basking by the waves, toes buried in the sand. But, wherever people find themselves, the holidays are a time for togetherness.

For some, however, being together with all their loved ones over the holidays can be a challenge. Whether it is a restriction of distant, scheduling, or work interference, some just cannot all gather in one place. Though this can be disappointing to family and friends, technology has brought many ways to stay in touch. Sure you still have the traditional route of cards put in the mail with family portraits and newsletters. These too, however, have their restrictions. Will they arrive to the destination on time?

With Short Message Service (SMS) also known as texting, folks may now contact loved ones almost instantaneously. Having dinner with family and want to see how your friend is celebrating in another place? Now, one can easily send a holiday greeting right on his or her cell phone and find out. There are articles and sites dedicated to holiday greetings through text messaging. Electronic pictures can be sent to mimic cards. One may choose to send a done for you greeting or take a snapshot of Ottis in his Santa hat instead. Either way the person on the other end is bound to feel connected.

Sure it is not the same as being together in person, but SMS technology can provide a connection that would otherwise be lost. A great thing about texting your holiday greeting is personalization. Does Aunt Linda like cats? How about a silly cat wrapped in a bow? Is friend Charlie into fishing? Why not send a singing bass message? Is poetry more Lidias indulgence? A search on Google for poetic holiday messages may do just the trick. By personalizing each message, loved ones feel special and cared for even if they cannot all be together for the holiday. Sharing pictures through phone messaging, during the festivities is also an excellent way to include those who must be absent.

No matter what type of message one chooses, this holiday season is a time to connect or reconnect. A time to share and enjoy is now only a few buttons away. It might now be as exciting as going to the mailbox and finding a new envelop from a friend. But, one must admit that the abilities to stay in touch now available leave little excuse to not. So whether, a message is sent near or far, it can bring everyone a bit of extra cheer this holiday season.

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