Top 10 Road Trip Boredom Busters For Kids

Road trips can memorable and fun for everyone if you are prepared with some games to keep boredom at bay. Keep your kids entertained (and yourself awake) when you hit the road with these ten ideas.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Do you have an older digital camera that you no longer use? Put it in the hands of your little ones along with a scavenger hunt list and have them shoot away.

Car Bingo

Make some bingo cards before you head out. Fill each card with five rows across and five columns down of pictures that you may see while on the road. Of course you can include obvious items like a red car or a silver truck. But you can also make it a little more interesting with things that aren’t so common like a flat tire (hopefully it’s not yours).

Classic Favorites

Use a whiteboard marker to play tic-tac-toe or hangman on the window in the backseat. Just erase with a soft cloth to start a new game.

Unleash their Creativity

Pack a shoebox or clear plastic bin with washable markers, colored pencils, small activity books, and unlined notepads. Have your kids draw the cows on the side of the road or the mountains they see in the distance.

Alphabet Game

Have the kids find each letter of the alphabet on a road sign, license plate, or vehicle. Once a player calls a letter, no one else can use that item. For example, if someone spots the letter O on the a stop sign, the next person cant use the P on that same sign.

Map It

Before you head out, have your child help you print your roadtrip map on a site like GoogleMaps or MapQuest. Have them highlight the map as you hit each major milestone so they can tell YOU if youre there yet.

Alphabet Picnic

Each person takes a turn and says what they are going to bring to the picnic. For example, the first person says Im going to a picnic and Im bringing an apple. The next person says, Im going to a picnic and Im bringing and apple and a burger. Each person takes their turn, repeating the entire list until you get through the alphabet.

Audio Books

Visit your local library and checkout some audio book CDs that everyone can listen to in the car. Short on time? Download audio books from iTunes or instantly.

Group Storytelling

Someone starts a story with a few sentences and then points to someone else to continue the story. For an added challenge, give everyone a time limit (like 20 seconds) to keep the pace moving. The crazier the better.

Name That Tune

Give each person their very own Kazoo and have them play a song for the rest of the car to guess.

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